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Transcript for Senate votes 59-41 to halt national emergency declaration

The senate Thursday delivering a resounding rejection. Of the president’s declaration of a national emergency on the southern border. The senate voted 59 to 41 to terminate the declaration and prohibit the president from being able to move funds around at his own discretion. Without congressional approval. There were twelve Republicans that crossed the aisle and voted with Democrats on this one and their message really every little to do with the wall or the southern border. Instead those Republicans pointed to the constitution. And they said that on this one the president was just going too far. The constitution gives the congress the power of the purse the ability to appropriate funds and Republicans pointed to that in this decision. Now even though the crux of this resolution he dealt with executive authority the president treated one word after the vote. Veto he says he plans to use his first ever veto to veto this resolution. And as of now congress does not have the votes to override a veto I’m Mary Alice parks in the US capital you’re watching ABC news lives.

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{“id”:61698114,”title”:”Senate votes 59-41 to halt national emergency declaration”,”duration”:”1:03″,”description”:”Senate votes to terminate President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration to secure more funding for the border.”,”url”:”/Politics/video/senate-votes-59-41-halt-national-emergency-declaration-61698114″,”section”:”Politics”,”mediaType”:”default”}